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Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Good morning Patriot leaders, Associates & Auxiliary,

       September is National Suicide Awareness & Prevention month. Every year organizations launch campaigns to educate the public on signs, symptoms and how to respond and provide resources. Everyone pulls together on the effort to save lives. This is all great, but what happens during the other eleven months of the year? Do we remember what to say or do if we see someone in crisis? Do we know where to take someone needing help? Although we put emphasis on this crisis in September it should remain a continuous effort all year long and 24/7.
       The VA’s latest annual report shows encouraging downward trends in Veteran suicide counts and rates, yet ongoing critical work remains. The report contains information about positive progress. Yet, it also documents that more work is needed to further reduce Veteran suicide. “Suicide is preventable and everyone has a role to play in saving lives.”
       Use the link below to see full reports:

       Today, I challenge you to get involved like never before in the fight against this epidemic. Education is key in knowing what to say or do depending on the situation. Knowledge is power!
As veterans we all know “We are our brothers & sisters keepers” “Wingmen” “Battle Buddy” “Fellow Patriots” “Comrades” 
       Sometimes all you need to do is be there and listen. Show someone you care about them and let them know they matter. Sometimes we need to practice a warm handoff where you go with the person you’re helping and ensure they are in the care of a professional. Today I challenge you to get involved by talking classes, attend briefings and knowing your local resources. Know where your nearest VA and satellite clinics are. Vet Centers are also a viable source of information. Make sure you know the locations.

Our goal as Military Order of the Purple Heart USA is to be part of the solution. Together we can do this!


Please share your local Suicide Awareness campaigns, events & flyers.

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