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 Department of California  Chaplain
Barbara Waller

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  Meet Department of California Chaplain Barbara Waller.  Barbara also serves as Region VI and  MOPHA Unit 49 Chaplain.  She is an Associate & Auxiliary life Member and a past National Auxiliary Chaplain.

    Chaplain Waller is an ordained minister and as part of her duties officiates for Veterans & Families funerals and memorials as well. She is very active in her auxiliary unit  and has been involved in numerous activities and drives to benefit Veterans, their Families and communities.

   Please reach out to Chaplain Waller when you need advise, have sick, hospitalized or deceased members. She will reach out to the members or their families to provide, comfort, prayer, guidance and resource information.

     If you have a local Chapter/Unit Chaplain you can reach out to them first and they will assist in making the connection. We are all here to help our Veterans and their families.



   Barbara Waller


Feel free to contact me if you have questions or just want to chat.

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