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COVID - 19

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The Caronavirus impacts Patriots

       Californians, like the rest of the people of this planet, have had their lives changed forever by the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  The virus has ravaged and killed.  It is now a global pandemic.  The pandemic has caused worldwide social and economic disruption.  It has led to the postponement or cancellation of most public events.  As of May 26, California has had 90,631 reported cases with 3,709 deaths.  Although I am unable to find a reliable count of veterans or Purple Heart recipients in those numbers, I’m sure there are some.  People with underlying medical conditions and those over 50 years of age are the most the vulnerable to the virus.  That includes many of the over 13 Million veterans nationwide. 


       MOPH Department of California and its affiliated Chapters have curtailed normal business activities as we try to adjust to the safety standards put forth by County, State, and Federal governments.  So far, we managed to move forward with our annual Department Convention, which was held via a virtual platform on May 14.  Many Chapters have had virtual meetings and elections.  What we accomplish during the remainder of 2020, and going forward, will be dictated by government and social policy and the Department’s leadership.   

Here are some links to websites that provide valuable information on this crisis.

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